Q1: Which of the following gram-positive bacteria causes pharyngitis (sore throat)?

A Neisseria

B Streptococcus

C Staphylococcus

D Mycobacterium

ANS:B - Streptococcus

Streptococcus because it causes strep throat which Is harmful to humans.

Q2: Bacteria are

A saprophytic

B symbiotic

C hyper parasitic

D all of these

ANS:A - saprophytic

The right answer should be option D.

Q3: Gram-positive bacteria, responsible for food poisoning, is/are

A Mycoplasmas

B Pseudomonas

C Clostridia

D all of these

ANS:C - Clostridia

Very useful. Thanks for explaining.

Q4: Which of the following is a gram-positive bacteria?

A Lactobacillus

B Staphylococci

C Streptococci

D All of these

ANS:D - All of these

Thanks for the question.

Q5: Gram-negative bacteria, responsible for food poisoning, is/are

A Salmonella

B Pseudomonas

C Clostridia

D None of these

ANS:A - Salmonella

Yes, salmonella is gram-negative bacteria. It is responsible for food poisoning.

Q6: Thermus thermopiles is a

A gram negative eubacteria

B gram positive eubacteria

C gram negative archebacteria

D gram positive archebacteria

ANS:A - gram negative eubacteria

Keep it up. It is very useful for me.

Q7: The enzyme, which hydrolyses the murein is

A perxoidase

B tannase

C lysozyme

D none of these

ANS:C - lysozyme

No answer description is available.

Q8: Gram-negative bacterium is/are

A Escherichia

B Clostridia

C Staphylococci

D All of these

ANS:A - Escherichia

Answer is A bcs clostridia are anaerobes gram positive bacilli and staphylococcus are gram positive cocci.

Q9: Which of the following gram-negative bacteria is/are not aerobic?

A Pseudomonas

B Neisseria

C Escherichia

D None of these

ANS:C - Escherichia

A]. Pseudomonas - facultative anaerobic.
B]. Neisseria - Obligate aerobic.
C]. Escherichia - facultative anaerobic.

So the answer should be D.

Q10: Bacterial spoilage is identified by which of the following morphological characteristics?

A Encapsulation

B Endospores

C Cell aggregation

D All of these

ANS:D - All of these

No answer description is available.

Q11: Which of the following is/are not a gram-positive bacteria?

A Streptococci

B Pseudomonas

C Mycobacteria

D None of these

ANS:B - Pseudomonas

Yes, I agree with you @Ezekiel Mwita.

Q12: Coliform bacteria on fermentation of carbohydrates yields

A lactic acid

B acetic acid

C formic acid

D all of these

ANS:D - all of these

No answer description is available.

Q13: The gram-positive bacteria lack __________ structure/component?

A outer membrane

B murein

C teichoic acid

D plasma membrane

ANS:A - outer membrane

According to me, it is murein because gram-positive bacteria have no murien.

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