Library Functions

Q1: Does there any function exist to convert the int or float to a string?

A No

B Yes

ANS:A - Yes

1. itoa() converts an integer to a string.
2. ltoa() converts a long to a string.
3. ultoa() converts an unsigned long to a string.
4. sprintf() sends formatted output to a string, so it can be used to convert any type of values to string type.


int main(void)
   int   num1 = 12345;
   float num2 = 5.12;
   char str1[20];
   char str2[20];

   itoa(num1, str1, 10); /* 10 radix value */
   printf("integer = %d string = %s \n", num1, str1);

   sprintf(str2, "%f", num2);
   printf("float = %f string = %s", num2, str2);

   return 0;

// Output:
// integer = 12345 string = 12345
// float = 5.120000 string = 5.120000

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