Analyzing Arguments

Directions to SolveRead the paragraph carefully and determine the main point the author is trying to make. What conclusion can be drawn from the argument? Each paragraph is followed by five statements.One statement supports the author's argument better than the others do.

Q1: It is well known that the world urgently needs adequate distribution of food, so that everyone gets enough. Adequate distribution of medicine is just as urgent. Medical expertise and medical supplies need to be redistributed throughout the world so that people in emerging nations will have proper medical care.
This paragraph best supports the statement that

A the majority of the people in the world have never been seen by a doctor.

B food production in emerging nations has slowed during the past several years.

C most of the world's doctors are selfish about giving time and money to the poor.

D the medical-supply industry should step up production of its products.

E many people who live in emerging nations are not receiving proper medical care

ANS:E - many people who live in emerging nations are not receiving proper medical care

Explanation: This answer is implied by the statement that redistribution is needed so that people in emerging nations can have proper medical care. Choices a, b, and c are not mentioned in the passage. Choice d is also incorrect—the passage indicates that the distribution of medicine, not its production, is inadequate.

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