IP Routing

Network was assigned to the Acme Company to connect to its ISP. The administrator of Acme would like to configure one router with the commands to access the Internet. Which commands could be configured on the Gateway router to allow Internet access to the entire network?
  1. Gateway(config)# ip route
  2. Gateway(config)# router rip
  3. Gateway(config-router)# network
  4. Gateway(config-router)# network default

A 3 only

B 1 and 4

C 1 only

D 1, 2 and 4

ANS:D - 1 and 4

There are actually three different ways to configure the same default route, but only two are shown in the answer. First, you can set a default route with the mask and then specify the next hop, as in option A. Or you can use and use the exit interface instead of the next hop. Finally, you can use option D with the ip default-network command.

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