What will be the output of the program?

int main()
    const int x=5;
    const int *ptrx;
    ptrx = &x;
    *ptrx = 10;
    printf('%d\n', x);
    return 0;

A 5

B Garbage value

C 10

D Error

ANS:A - 5

Step 1: const int x=5; The constant variable x is declared as an integer data type and initialized with value '5'. Step 2: const int *ptrx; The constant variable ptrx is declared as an integer pointer. Step 3: ptrx = &x; The address of the constant variable x is assigned to integer pointer variable ptrx. Step 4: *ptrx = 10; Here we are indirectly trying to change the value of the constant vaiable x. This will result in an error. To change the value of const variable x we have to use *(int *)&x = 10;

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