Q1: What will be the output of the program?
public class Test 
    public static int y;
    public static void foo(int x) 
        System.out.print('foo ');
        y = x;
    public static int bar(int z) 
        System.out.print('bar ');
        return y = z;
    public static void main(String [] args ) 
        int t = 0;
        assert t > 0 : bar(7);
        assert t > 1 : foo(8); /* Line 18 */
        System.out.println('done ');

A bar done

B foo done

C bar

D Compilation fails

ANS:A - bar

The foo() method returns void. It is a perfectly acceptable method, but because it returns void it cannot be used in an assert statement, so line 18 will not compile.

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