Declarations and Access Control

Q1: Which cause a compiler error?

A Integer results[ ] = {new Integer(3), new Integer(5), new Integer(8)};

B String cats[ ] = {"Fluffy", "Spot", "Zeus"};

C boolean results[ ] = new boolean [] {true, false, true};

D int [ ][ ] scores = {2,7,6}, {9,3,45};

E int[ ] scores = {3, 5, 7};

ANS:B - int [ ][ ] scores = {2,7,6}, {9,3,45};

Option B generates a compiler error: <identifier> expected. The compiler thinks you are trying to create two arrays because there are two array initialisers to the right of the equals, whereas your intention was to create one 3 x 3 two-dimensional array. To correct the problem and make option B compile you need to add an extra pair of curly brackets: int [ ] [ ] scores = { {2,7,6}, {9,3,45} };

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