Which statement(s) about IPv6 addresses are true?
  1. Leading zeros are required.
  2. Two colons (::) are used to represent successive hexadecimal fields of zeros.
  3. Two colons (::) are used to separate fields.
  4. A single interface will have multiple IPv6 addresses of different types.

A 1 and 3

B 2 and 4

C 1, 3 and 4

D All of the above

ANS:B - 2 and 4

In order to shorten the written length of an IPv6 address, successive fields of zeros may be replaced by double colons. In trying to shorten the address further, leading zeros may also be removed. Just as with IPv4, a single device's interface can have more than one address; with IPv6 there are more types of addresses and the same rule applies. There can be link-local, global unicast, and multicast addresses all assigned to the same interface.

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