Number Systems and Codes

Q1: What is the difference between binary coding and binary coded decimal?

A Binary coding is pure binary.

B BCD is pure binary.

C Binary coding has a decimal format.

D BCD has no decimal format.

Q2: Base 10 refers to which number system?

A binary coded decimal

B decimal

C octal

D hexadecimal

Q3: Convert the binary number 1001.0010 to decimal.

A 125

B 12.5

C 90.125

D 9.125

Q4: What is the result when a decimal 5238 is converted to base 16?

A 327.375

B 12166

C 1388

D 1476

Q5: 3428 is the decimal value for which of the following binary coded decimal (BCD) groupings?

A 11010001001000

B 11010000101000

C 011010010000010

D 110100001101010

Q6: What is the resultant binary of the decimal problem 49 + 1 = ?

A 01010101

B 00110101

C 00110010

D 00110001

Q7: Convert 110010012 (binary) to decimal.

A 201

B 2001

C 20

D 210

Q8: Sample-and-hold circuits in ADCs are designed to:

A sample and hold the output of the binary counter during the conversion process

B stabilize the ADCs threshold voltage during the conversion process

C stabilize the input analog signal during the conversion process

D sample and hold the ADC staircase waveform during the conversion process

Q9: Convert the binary number 1011010 to hexadecimal.

A 5B

B 5F

C 5A

D 5C

Q10: The weight of the LSB as a binary number is:

A 1

B 2

C 3

D 4

Q11: What is the decimal value of the hexadecimal number 777?

A 191

B 1911

C 19

D 19111

Q12: Convert the decimal number 151.75 to binary.

A 10000111.11

B 11010011.01

C 00111100.00

D 10010111.11

Q13: The number of bits used to store a BCD digit is:

A 8

B 4

C 1

D 2

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