Time Response of Reactive Circuits

In a repetitive-pulse RC integrator circuit, what would the steady-state voltage equal at the end of the fifth pulse? Assume a Vin of 20 V.

A 1.46 V

B 14.62 V

C 20 V

D 0 V

Q2: Which of the following is true for a capacitor?

A A capacitor acts like a short to instantaneous changes in current.

B A capacitor's voltage cannot change instantaneously.

C A capacitor acts like an open to dc.

D All of the above

What has the voltage across the resistor decayed to by the end of the pulse in the given circuit?

A 0 V

B 0.75 V

C 5.55 V

D 14.25 V

An RL integrator and an RC differentiator can act as what types of filters, respectively?

A low-pass, low-pass

B low-pass, high-pass

C high-pass, high-pass

D high-pass, low-pass

In the given circuit, what must the pulse width and time between pulses be to allow the capacitor to completely charge by the end of each pulse and to completely discharge between each pulse?

A 940 mu.gifs

B 2.82 ms

C 3.76 ms

D 4.7 ms

If the capacitor in an RC integrator shorts, the output

A is at ground

B would measure the same as the input

C would measure zero volts

D None of the above

The given circuit is an

A RL integrator

B RC differentiator

C RL differentiator

D RC integrator

How long will it take the capacitor in the given circuit to discharge?

A 16.4 mu.gifs

B 32.8 mu.gifs

C 65.6 mu.gifs

D 82 mu.gifs

What is the voltage across the inductor in the given circuit on the falling edge of the first input pulse?

A –0.2 V

B 0.2 V

C –9.8 V

D 9.8 V

Q10: What is a circuit that produces short-duration spikes?

A A trigger pulse generator

B An RL integrator

C A timing circuit

D A pulse waveform-to-dc converter

What voltage will the capacitor charge up to in the given circuit for the single input pulse shown?

A 3.15 V

B 4.3 V

C 4.75 V

D 4.9 V

Q12: If a periodic pulse waveform is applied to an RC differentiating circuit, which two conditions are possible?

tw greaterthanorequalto.gif 5tau.gif or tw > 5tau.gif

tw = 5tau.gif or tw > 5tau.gif

tw lessthanorequalto.gif 5tau.gif or tw < 5tau.gif

tw greaterthanorequalto.gif 5tau.gif or tw < 5tau.gif

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