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Directions to SolveRead the below passage carefully and answer the questions:Five cities all got more rain than usual this year. The five cities are: Last Stand, Mile City, New Town, Olliopolis, and Polberg. The cities are located in five different areas of the country: the mountains, the forest, the coast, the desert, and in a valley. The rainfall amounts were: 12 inches, 27 inches, 32 inches, 44 inches, and 65 inches.* The city in the desert got the least rain; the city in the forest got the most rain.
* New Town is in the mountains.
* Last Stand got more rain than Olliopolis.
* Mile City got more rain than Polberg, but less rain than New Town.
* Olliopolis got 44 inches of rain.
* The city in the mountains got 32 inches of rain; the city on the coast got 27 inches of rain.

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