Idioms and Phrases

Some proverbs/idioms are given below together with their meanings. Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom, If there is no correct meaning given, E (i.e.) 'None of these' will be the answer.

Q1: To put one's hand to plough

A To take up agricultural farming

B To take a difficult task

C To get entangled into unnecessary things

D Take interest in technical work

E None of these

Q2: To catch a tartar

A To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty

B To catch a dangerous person

C To meet with disaster

D To deal with a person who is more than one's match

E None of these

Q3: To end in smoke

A To make completely understand

B To ruin oneself

C To excite great applause

D To overcome someone

E None of these

Q4: To play second fiddle

A To be happy, cheerful and healthy

B To reduce importance of one's senior

C To support the role and view of another person

D To do back seat driving

E None of these

Q5: A black sheep

A An unlucky person

B A lucky person

C An ugly person

D A partner who takes no share of the profits

E None of these

Q6: To beg the question

A To refer to

B To take for granted

C To raise objections

D To be discussed

E None of these

Q7: A man of straw

A A man of no substance

B A very active person

C A worthy fellow

D An unreasonable person

E None of these

Q8: To set one's face against

A To oppose with determination

B To judge by appearence

C To get out of difficulty

D To look at one steadily

E None of these

Q9: To have an axe to grind

A A private end to serve

B To fail to arouse interest

C To have no result

D To work for both sides

E None of these

Q10: To be above board

A To have a good height

B To be honest in any business deal

C They have no debts

D To try to be beautiful

E None of these

Q11: To hit the nail right on the head

A To do the right thing

B To destroy one's reputation

C To announce one's fixed views

D To teach someone a lesson

E None of these

Q12: To drive home

A To find one's roots

B To return to place of rest

C Back to original position

D To emphasise

E None of these

Q13: To make clean breast of

A To gain prominence

B To praise oneself

C To confess without of reserve

D To destroy before it blooms

E None of these

Q14: To leave someone in the lurch

A To come to compromise with someone

B Constant source of annoyance to someone

C To put someone at ease

D To desert someone in his difficulties

E None of these

Q15: To pick holes

A To find some reason to quarrel

B To destroy something

C To criticise someone

D To cut some part of an item

E None of these

Q16: To keeps one's temper

A To become hungry

B To be in good mood

C To preserve ones energy

D To be aloof from

E None of these

Q17: To cry wolf

A To listen eagerly

B To give false alarm

C To turn pale

D To keep off starvation

E None of these

Q18: To smell a rat

A To see signs of plague epidemic

B To get bad small of a bad dead rat

C To suspect foul dealings

D To be in a bad mood

E None of these

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