One Word Substitutes

Directions to SolveIn questions given below out of four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.

Q1: That which cannot be believed

A Incredible

B Incredulous

C Implausible

D Unreliable

Q2: To slap with a flat object

A Chop

B Hew

C Gnaw

D Swat

Q3: Something that can be heard

A Auditory

B Audio-visual

C Audible

D Audition

Q4: In a state of tension or anxiety or suspense

A Off balance

B Depressed

C Diffused

D On tenterhooks

Q5: Of outstanding significance

A Monumental

B Rational

C Ominous

D Evident

Q6: A person pretending to be somebody he is not

A Magician

B Rogue

C Liar

D Imposter

Q7: One who is fond of fighting

A Bellicose

B Aggressive

C Belligerent

D Militant

Q8: One who is in charge of museum

A Curator

B Supervisor

C Caretaker

D Warden

Q9: Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence

A Statesmanship

B Formalism

C Hierarchy

D Protocol

Q10: Teetotaller means

A One who abstains from theft

B One who abstains from meat

C One who abstains from taking wine

D One who abstains from malice

Q11: A person interested in collecting, studying and selling of old things

A Antiquarian

B Junk-dealer

C Crank

D Archealogist

Q12: One who does not marry, especially as a religious obligation

A Bachelor

B Celibate

C Vigin

D Recluse

Q13: Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP

A Outriders

B Servants

C Commandos

D Attendants

Q14: A light sailing boat built specially for racing

A Canoe

B Yacht

C Frigate

D Dinghy

Q15: An expression of mild disapproval

A Warning

B Denigration

C Impertinence

D Reproof

Q16: A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power

A Expert

B Intellectual

C Snob

D Literate

Q17: To take secretly in small quantities

A Robbery

B Pilferage

C Theft

D Defalcation

Q18: One who cannot be corrected

A Incurable

B Incorrigible

C Hardened

D Invulnerable

Q19: Detailed plan of journey

A Travelogue

B Travelkit

C Schedule

D Itinerary

Q20: Present opposing arguments or evidence

A Criticise

B Rebuff

C Reprimand

D Rebut

Q21: To cause troops, etc. to spread out in readiness for battle

A Disperse

B Deploy

C Collocate

D Align

Q22: Ready to believe

A Credulous

B Credible

C Creditable

D Incredible

Q23: To accustom oneself to a foreign climate

A Adapt

B Adopt

C Accustom

D Acclimatise

Q24: Incapable of being seen through

A Ductile

B Opaque

C Obsolete

D Potable

Q25: A person who brings goods illegally into the country

A Importer

B Exporter

C Fraud

D Smuggler

Q26: The absence of law and order

A Rebellion

B Anarchy

C Mutiny

D Revolt

Q27: A name adopted by an author in his writings

A Nickname

B Pseudonym

C Nomenclature

D Title

Q28: A person who speaks many languages

A Linguist

B Monolingual

C Polyglot

D Bilingual

Q29: One who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness

A Egoist

B Fatalist

C Stoic

D Cynic

Q30: A government by the nobles

A Aristocracy

B Democracy

C Autocracy

D Bureaucracy

Q31: A child born after death of his father

A Posthumous

B Orphan

C Bastard

D Progenitor

Q32: That which is perceptible by touch is

A Contagious

B Contingent

C Tenacious

D Tangible

Q33: Very pleasing to eat

A Appetising

B Palatable

C Tantalising

D Sumptuous

Q34: A disease of mind causing an uncontrollable desire to steal

A Schizophrenia

B Claustrophobia

C Kleptomania

D Magolomania

Q35: Study of the evolution of man as an animal

A Archaeology

B Anthropology

C Chronology

D Ethnology

Q36: The part of government which is concerned with making of rules

A Court

B Tribunal

C Bar

D Legislature

Q37: A person not sure of the existence of god

A Cynic

B Agnostic

C Atheist

D Theist

Q38: Medical study of skin and its diseases

A Dermatology

B Endocrinology

C Gynealogy

D Orthopaedics

Q39: Murder of a king

A Infanticide

B Matricide

C Genocide

D Regicide

Q40: A person interested in reading books and nothing else

A Book-keepr

B Scholar

C Book-worm

D Student

Q41: One who is determined to exact full vengeance for wrongs done to him

A Virulent

B Vindictive

C Usurer

D Vindicator

Q42: Murder of a brother

A Patricide

B Regicide

C Homicide

D Fratricide

Q43: Be the embodiment or perfect example of

A Characterise

B Idol

C Personify

D Signify

Q44: Leave or remove from a place considered dangerous

A Evade

B Evacuate

C Avoid

D Exterminate

Q45: Giving undue favours to one's own kith and kin

A Nepotism

B Favouritism

C Wordliness

D Corruption

Q46: The custom or practice of having more than one husband at same time

A Polygyny

B Polyphony

C Polyandry

D Polychromy

Q47: Parts of a country behind the coast or a river's banks

A Isthmus

B Archipelago

C Hinterland

D Swamps

Q48: Study of birds

A Orology

B Optology

C Ophthalmology

D Ornithology

Q49: Habitually silent or talking little

A Servile

B Unequivocal

C Taciturn

D Synoptic

Q50: Hater of learning and knowledge

A Misologist

B Bibliophile

C Misogynist

D Misanthropist

Q51: A remedy for all diseases

A Stoic

B Marvel

C Panacea

D Recompense

Q52: One absorbed in his own thoughts and feelings rather than in things outside

A Scholar

B Recluse

C Introvert

D Intellectual

Q53: A place where monks live as a secluded community

A Cathedral

B Diocese

C Convent

D Monastery

Q54: To walk with slow or regular Steps is to

A Limp

B Stride

C Pace

D Advance

Q55: A prima facie case is such

A As it seems at first sight

B As it is made to seem at first sight

C As it turns out to be at the end

D As it seems to the court after a number of hearings

Q56: One who is honourably discharged from service

A Retired

B Emeritus

C Relieved

D Emancipated

Q57: A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge

A Pedantic

B Verbose

C Pompous

D Ornate

Q58: A drawing on transparent paper

A Red print

B Blue print

C Negative

D Transparency

Q59: Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool

A Imbecility

B Senility

C Dotage

D Superannuation

Q60: The act of violating the sanctity of the church is

A Blashphemy

B Heresy

C Sacrilege

D Desecration

Q61: One who believes that all things and events in life are predetermined is a

A Fatalist

B Puritan

C Egoist

D Tyrant

Q62: The policy of extending a country's empire and influence

A Communism

B Internationalism

C Capitalism

D Imperialism

Q63: Having superior or intellectual interests and tastes

A Elite

B Highbrow

C Sophisticated

D Fastidious

Q64: The study of ancient societies

A Anthropology

B Archaeology

C History

D Ethnology

Q65: One who possesses many talents

A Versatile

B Nubile

C Exceptional

D Gifted

Q66: A place that provides refuge

A Asylum

B Sanatorium

C Shelter

D Orphanage

Q67: Malafide case is one

A Which is undertaken in a good faith

B Which is undertaken in a bad faith

C Which is undertaken after a long delay

D Which is not undertaken at all

Q68: Words inscribed on tomb

A Epitome

B Epistle

C Epilogue

D Epitaph

Q69: That which cannot be seen

A Insensible

B Intangible

C Invisible

D Unseen

Q70: State in which the few govern the many

A Monarchy

B Oligarchy

C Plutocracy

D Autocracy

Q71: One who does not believe in existence of god

A Egoist

B Atheist

C Stoic

D Naive

Q72: Tending to move away from the centre or axis

A Centrifugal

B Centripetal

C Axiomatic

D Awry

Q73: A voice loud enough to be heard

A Audible

B Applaudable

C Laudable

D Oral

Q74: One who is not easily pleased by anything

A Maiden

B Mediaeval

C Precarious

D Fastidious

Q75: A paper written by hand

A Handicraft

B Manuscript

C Handiwork

D Thesis

Q76: List of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting

A Schedule

B Timetable

C Agenda

D Plan

Q77: A style full of words

A Verbose

B Pedantic

C Rhetorical

D Abundant

Q78: Continuing fight between parties, families, clans, etc.

A Enmity

B Feud

C Quarrel

D Skirmish

Q79: The raison d'etre of a controversy is

A The enthusiasm with which it is kept alive

B The fitness with which participants handle it

C The reason or justification of its existence

D The unending hostility the parties concerned have towards each other

Q80: A place where bees are kept in called

A An apiary

B A mole

C A hive

D A sanctury

Q81: A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth

A Geological

B Geo-synchronous

C Geo-centric

D Geo-stationary

Q82: Something that relates to everyone in the world

A General

B Common

C Usual

D Universal

Q83: A drawing on transparent paper

A Red print

B Blue print

C Negative

D Transparency

Q84: A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics, etc.

A Store

B Stall

C Boutique

D Booth

Q85: A religious discourse

A Preach

B Stanza

C Sanctorum

D Sermon

Q86: One who eats everything

A Omnivorous

B Omniscient

C Irrestible

D Insolvent

Q87: That which cannot be read

A Negligible

B Illegible

C Ineligible

D Incorrigible

Q88: One who does not care for literature or art

A Primitive

B Illiterate

C Philistine

D Barbarian

Q89: A building for storing threshed grain

A Hangar

B Dockyard

C Store

D Granary

Q90: A person who knows many foreign languages

A Linguist

B Grammarian

C Polyglot

D Bilingual

Q91: To issue a thunderous verbal attack

A Languish

B Animate

C Fulminate

D Invigorate

Q92: A person who tries to deceive people by claiming to be able to do wonderful things

A Trickster

B Imposter

C Magician

D Mountebank

Q93: A dramatic performance

A Mask

B Mosque

C Masque

D Mascot

Q94: A large sleeping-room with many beds

A Bedroom

B Dormitory

C Hostel

D Basement

Q95: A school boy who cuts classes frequently is a

A Defeatist

B Sycophant

C Truant

D Martinet

Q96: That which cannot be corrected

A Unintelligible

B Indelible

C Illegible

D Incorrigible

Q97: A person who insists on something

A Disciplinarian

B Stickler

C Instantaneous

D Boaster

Q98: One who sacrifices his life for a cause

A Patriot

B Martyr

C Revolutionary

D Soldier

Q99: One who knows everything

A Literate

B Scholar

C Omnipotent

D Omniscient

Q100: One who dabbles in fine arts for the love of it and not for monetary gains

A Connoisseur

B Amateur

C Professional

D Dilettante

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