Table Charts

Study the following table and answer the questions.

Number of Candidates Appeared and Qualified in a Competitive Examination from Different States Over the Years.

State Year
1997 1998 1999 2000 2001
App.Qual. App.Qual. App.Qual. App.Qual. App.Qual.

Q1: The percentage of total number of qualified candidates to the total number of appeared candidates among all the five states in 1999 is?

A 11.49%

B 11.84%

C 12.21%

D 12.57%

Q2: What is the percentage of candidates qualified from State N for all the years together, over the candidates appeared from State N during all the years together?

A 12.36%

B 12.16%

C 11.47%

D 11.15%

Q3: Total number of candidates qualified from all the states together in 1997 is approximately what percentage of the total number of candidates qualified from all the states together in 1998?

A 72%

B 77%

C 80%

D 83%

Q4: In which of the given years the number of candidates appeared from State P has maximum percentage of qualified candidates?

A 1997

B 1998

C 1999

D 2001

Q5: Combining the states P and Q together in 1998, what is the percentage of the candidates qualified to that of the candidate appeared?

A 10.87%

B 11.49%

C 12.35%

D 12.54%

Q6: What is the average candidates who appeared from State Q during the given years?

A 8700

B 8760

C 8990

D 8920

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