Paragraph Formation

Directions to SolveRearrange the following five sentences in proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below.
  1. In fact, it prevent us from helping children to analyse conflict, to learn to cope with it and counter it.
  2. Children have always known that there is conflict in the adult world.
  3. However, the make-believe world that 19th century rationally imposed on childhood in Europe and which we impose in an institutionalised manner through our modern education system can hardly be described as related in this regard.
  4. We may therefore conclude that conflict in an institutionalised manner is not a matter of faith in children's capacities, rather, it is a lack of faith in ourselves as adults.
  5. Further, psychologists tell us and story tellers have always known that the child's desire to search for order and coherence gathers strength from the knowledge of conflict.

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